Will Rossi’s Development Bike Use for Brno?

OldRider MotoGP -Valentino Rossi’s current request regarding the electronic development is underway. Although Iwata Yamaha didn’t promise to come quickly. As it now tested in Japan, it looks beyond the appearance there are no changes (even the wings). It’s alleged changes made are the sector in engine and most likely ECU. So will Rossi’s development bike use for Brno ?

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Will Rossi’s Development Bike Use for Brno

Valentino Rossi must should have heard that the motor is ‘cooked’ in Japan. But is he going to take a risk and try it outright at weekend races in Brno and not wait for his own on Monday Test?

“I know Yamaha doing well and the engineers want to make sure each changes before using it in Grand Prix, they prefer to prevent the problems rather than solve them. Only if it’s not a very significant change, or already tried in Japan, we can use them on competition.” said Massimo ‘Maio’ Meregalli, Yamaha Team Manager.

So the point is, if the change is only a small setting then it can be directly used, of course with testing in free practice session on Friday and Saturday in Brno (Czech), August 5th.

Brno will be Yamaha’s victory moment?

“We have to accept the motor’s electronic changes, but it’s not a revolution. Actually I haven’t received any official confirmation about that news arrival, say I count it (laugh).” said Meregalli.

Yamaha sure because Brno is a good track for Yamaha. But if the new package is brought precisely damage the setting that have been good will be at risk. Of course we will wait to start training on Friday and Saturday. If Yamaha dominates it is a sign of Yamaha will rising in the second half of this season. Or do not change with the current condition and only able to scramble runner up with Ducati..

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