Valentino Rossi at The Center of Yamaha MotoGP War Strategy


OldRider MotoGP – As a senior rider who is experienced and has a high selling value (Icon), it is not wrong if focus of Yamaha development will come from Valentino Rossi’s ideas. Although some of the feedbacks and ‘screams’ about electronic development and special rider test requests are late. But in the last few times it seem to be realized by headquarter Iwata. Valentino Rossi at the center of Yamaha MotoGP war strategy….

Yamaha VR46 Master camp

Valentino Rossi at the center of Yamaha MotoGP war strategy

Each team must have a combat strategy. The involvement of a mechanical head is certainly. But the role of Valentino Rossi in Yamaha MotoGP seems undeniable. Even it seems Rossi control the core of Yamaha MotoGP combat strategy. In the future Valentino Rossi will have a big role and seems will have a big influence to the riders. Both in terms of team composition especially satellite teams that will increase on the next season. Possibility the Petronas Yamaha riders supplied with manufacturer specification engine. Especially with Franco Morbidelli under the flag of VR 46 belonging to The Doctor.

The recent Yamaha’s stagnant development opportunity lets the entry of ‘VR46 carriage’ to Yamaha. With a lot of experiences and implemented by ‘Young Power’. It is possible Yamaha MotoGP ‘train’ will go faster and increase its competitiveness.

Retired, became boss of Yamaha MotoGP team ?

During Yamaha’s slump, Valentino often gave appeal and ideas to Yamaha. One of them that hasn’t been fulfill yet is electronic problem ( under way in Japan). As well as appealed that is important to form a special test team (Europe). Seeing the ability of Rossi is possible he will be the boss of Yamaha MotoGP team. The current position of Lin Jarvis as manager of Yamaha MotoGP team, if both of them retired. So it will make it easier to manage the Yamaha riders’ combat strategy. Which dominated by students from VR46 academy.

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