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BYD Has Produced 7 Million Cars Globally – Last year BYD was able to become the best-selling electric car brand worldwide. With this, the brand from the Land of Bamboo Curtain can outperform its strongest rivals, including Tesla, which has so far dominated its market. Last week, BYD announced they had produced 7 million electric cars globally. The results are quite good, considering that they now have a number of production facilities in several countries.

BYD Assembles Millions of BEV Cars Worldwide

Despite tight competition in the global BEV car market, more and more manufacturers are presenting many of the latest models. Tesla has long led sales in this market, but in the end its position was overthrown by other competitors. The competitor in question is BYD, and its overall sales are able to outperform Tesla.

In recent years, BYD has continued to increase sales of its electric cars by expanding its product line-up. Apart from that, they also present their products in countries they have not yet visited, as they did in Indonesia two months ago. Now they have assembled 7 million units of BEV cars worldwide.


Affordable Prices, Guaranteed Quality

BYD’s electric car sales have always recorded quite good sales results in recent years. From initially having difficulty selling millions of car units, they can now achieve this in a shorter time. Of course, this is quite a good achievement, even in the midst of market conditions that are not very good due to declining trends.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, BYD has started sales by bringing three superior BEV models. However, the units are still imported from abroad, although they will assemble them locally after the factory is completed. Even with the units imported from abroad, the price is still considered affordable and the quality is guaranteed.

Rafie Satya Pradipta

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