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Classic Italian Scooter, Lambretta Officially Releases G350 Series II – Lambretta, is a motorbike manufacturer from Italy which has a legendary classic scooter design. Recently they launched the new Lambretta G350 Series II scooter to Thailand, which is the highest series ever offered in that country.

In the Land of the White Elephant, Lambretta has 3 models coded V, X and G. So, the G350 is the top model of its entire range.

G350 Series II

Lambretta G350 Series II

Series II is the successor to the success of the first series (Series I) which was quite popular in the market, entitled “Remaster Collection”. Judging from the appearance, at first glance it is not much different from its predecessor. There are only a number of additional accessories on the sides and colors.

And the front fender is dead or doesn’t follow the steering wheel turns and the iconic emblem remains on this Italian scooter. Talking about color, there are now a total of 4 new color choices, namely Rosso-Bianco, Bianco-Rosso, Grigio-Bianco and Nero-Bianco. The color is quite colorful, depicting the aura of an old scooter from that time.

330cc engine

Regarding the engine itself, the Lambretta G350 Series II carries a 330,1cc 1-cylinder, 4-valve, radiator-cooled engine with a power output of up to 25,5 HP (equivalent to 19 kW) at 7.500 rpm and maximum torque of 25,5 Nm at 6.250 rpm. Channels its power to the rear wheels via a CVT transmission.

Lambretta G350 Series II Details

This sector of the legs is uniquely different from other scooters, at the front it uses a Double Arm-Link model. Supported by a Full Monocoque chassis, it still maintains a body made of iron, moreover the side body is specially designed to make it easy to disassemble.

Modern features are also not left behind, hexagonal headlights that are full LED, braking complete with ABS system, TFT color screen speedometer that can be bright and dark according to surrounding conditions, and can be connected to a cellphone via a Bluetooth connection.

This price is surprising, because in Thailand the Lambretta G350 Series II is priced at 216,500 baht or the equivalent of IDR 94 million. FYI… Lambretta itself has been around for 77 years, and has been present in the Thai market for 7 years and is still marketing many models and is quite successful in sales there.

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