2018 MotoGP Constructors Championship Standings (Round-9) Grand Prix German


OldRider MotoGP – MotoGP World Championship has reached the midpoint after the Grand Prix German. After the first nine races, Honda became the main dominator. Marc Marquez, Repsol’s star rider leading with ‘iron arm’ in the lead and seems ‘evil’ and brute after reaching the victory of the series on the last race in Sachsenring, German. Unfortunately the opposite thing happened to his teammate Dani Pedrosa, who will be depart from Honda with disappointing points which is the effect from the tight competition at this time. Here, we can see on the constructor standings of German Series, Honda still sturdy while Yamaha slide off Ducati. 2018 MotoGP Constructors Championship Standings (Round-9) Grand Prix German

MotoGP Constructors Championship Standings

Honda dominate

After the first half of season, we will see how many times Honda leads in 9 series:

  1. Qatar (Ducati)
  2. Argentina (Honda)
  3. America (Honda)
  4. Spain (Honda)
  5. France (Honda)
  6. Italy (Honda)
  7. Catalunya (Honda)
  8. Netherlands (Honda)
  9. Germany (Honda)

Clearly Honda hasn’t pardoned its opponents. Only to run-down once and later crushed its opponents.

The gold wing brand became the leader in the constructor standings, thanks to work of two main teams. Repsol Honda Team (Marquez wins 5 times) and Honda LCR Team (Cal Crutchlow wins once in Argentina). But Honda stays alert with the constant thread from Yamaha. Even Ducati had won 3 times (Dovi once and Lorenzo 2 times), but its position has been displaced by Yamaha Team.

The ‘cake’ of the championship (1st podium) is indeed being grabbed by Honda and Ducati (Marquez-Crutchlow-Dovi-Lorenzo). Even without winning on the standings, Yamaha managed to shift the constructors’ standings as an evidence that Yamaha engine began to rise attack. We’ll see on the second half of the season that begins in Brno Series, Czech Republic on August 5th. Who’s getting better and getting worse instead from the side of the manufacturer (engine)?

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