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Chery Car Sales in Indonesia Not As Much As Malaysia? – Chery has been present for more than a year in Indonesia, and sells five cars here. From the Tiggo series to the Omoda 5, all models have received good reviews from consumers, especially with their affordable prices. So far Chery can sell up to thousands of car units in Indonesia. But these results still do not exceed its sales in Malaysia.

Chery Sells Thousands of Car Units in Indonesia

Being one of the car brands from the Land of Bamboo Curtain, Chery was underestimated when it first started selling cars in Indonesia. After leaving, they are back here, but this time bringing their flagship SUV line-up, the Tiggo series. A few months later, they launched the Omoda 5, as well as its locally produced electric variant.

The current Chery is not the previous one, because they are serious about selling their cars in Indonesia. By learning from previous experience, they can present products with the best quality and affordable prices. So Chery can sell up to thousands of car units here, but the results are not that much when compared to its sales results in other countries.


Tight Competition

For comparison, Chery sold 1,351 car units in Indonesia during the first quarter of this year, while in Malaysia it reached 4,564 units. Of course the difference is quite large, and this raises the question of what makes Chery’s sales not so optimal in Indonesia. Even though the products they offer are quite good and sold at affordable prices.

This possibility is due to the intense competition here, not to mention the increasing number of brands from the same country as Chery coming to Indonesia. Whatever it is, Chery will see how the market is in Malaysia, and then use it as an evaluation to increase its sales further in Indonesia. It might be a bit difficult to compete in the four-wheeled market with so many competitors, but they don’t hesitate to present their best products.

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