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Haval and Tank Spare Parts Have Been Provided in Indonesia – Even though Haval and Tank are new to selling cars in Indonesia, Great Wall Motor (GWM) was able to collect a number of car orders. They are also preparing production so that their cars can be sold at more affordable prices. Apart from that, Haval and Tank already have spare parts supplies in Indonesia. That way, owners don’t need to worry about looking for spare parts for their car.

Haval and Tank Have Provided Spare Parts

GWM may have just arrived here, but they are already serious about pursuing sales in Indonesia. Apart from carrying three car brands, they also focus on presenting environmentally friendly cars, both hybrid and electric. Haval and Tank sell HEVs like the H6 and 500, and they could launch more new models.

Because it has just been sold, GWM of course ensures that consumers can get the best sales service, especially in providing a dealer network in a number of areas. It doesn’t stop there, they also ensure that the availability of Haval and Tank spare parts is guaranteed. Interestingly, GWM has several types of spare parts, some of which are provided for regular maintenance for cars and components that are used in emergencies.

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The emergency condition referred to is when the car has an accident and its components have to be replaced. If this happens, then GWM provides replacement parts, but if they run out of stock, the components can be imported directly from Thailand. Of course, they can bring it in in a fairly short time, up to a week at most.

Apart from guaranteeing spare parts, GWM provides a service guarantee for Haval and Tank for three years or 30,000 km, as well as a battery guarantee of eight years or 200,000 km. Ora may also have a similar guarantee, or perhaps its own guarantee. This is clear because Ora is more focused on selling electric cars, while Haval and Tank sell hybrid cars.

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