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Has GWM Tank 500 Sold Dozens of Units? – The GWM Tank 500 is one of several newest cars presented by Great Wall Motor in Indonesia through the Haval and Tank brands. This premium class SUV is sold for IDR 1.2 billion, but you can get a car with the best quality and a more environmentally friendly engine. GWM Tank has been presenting it for three months in Indonesia. It’s not clear how many units have been sold so far, but it’s possible the model has sold dozens of units.

GWM Tank 500 Has Been Presented in Indonesia

The SUV car market in Indonesia is still quite promising, so this is what makes GWM Tank present its flagship SUV model. Known as the Tank 500, this car appears with a very dashing design and is equipped with an environmentally friendly hybrid engine. Even though it is sold for IDR 1.2 billion, this price is in accordance with the quality it has, including the completeness of its features.

It’s been about three months since the Tank 500 was sold here, and of course there are those who are curious about the sales results. However, GWM admits that it cannot yet announce the sales results of its newest SUV, especially since they are not yet members of Gaikindo. Of course, they cannot show the results of their sales so far.


Good Start

From a number of available information, the GWM Tank 500 is said to have sold around 50 units, and that may not be the right number because sales will continue to increase every month. However, these results are quite good for a car that was only released about three months ago. Especially considering that this model is presented in the luxury car segment, it is clear that its sales are not that much compared to ordinary SUVs.

Apart from Tank, GWM also has two other brands in the form of Haval and Ora. However, Ora is the only one who hasn’t sold any electric cars in Indonesia, at least for now. Because they are still preparing for sales, as well as the production site here.

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