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Chery Omoda E5 Purchase Offers Only Few Amounts Left – Chery launched the Omoda E5 in Indonesia several months ago. At the same time, they are presenting a purchase offer for this newest electric car, namely a special price and a lifetime guarantee on the battery and electric motor. It’s just that Chery limited it to 4,000 units in Indonesia. Because 3,000 units of the model have been sold, there are only a few units remaining.

Chery Offers Omoda E5 Purchase Offer

Sales of the Omoda E5 car can be said to be quite good, in fact it was able to record very satisfying results for Chery. Because last March alone, this model could become the second best-selling electric car in Indonesia after the Wuling Binguo EV. In fact, if you look at it, the Omoda E5 is still relatively new, but has already successfully recorded quite good sales results.

Because it has just been launched, Chery is presenting an offer to purchase the Omoda E5 to Indonesian consumers. Purchasing this model will provide the buyer with a special price of only IDR 488.8 million, as well as a lifetime guarantee for the battery and electric motor. Although this offer is limited to 4 thousand units, although initially it was only limited to 3 thousand units, the quota was increased in line with high demand in the market.


Less Than 1,000 Units Left

So far, Chery said that the Omoda E5 has sold more than 3 thousand units since the model was first released in Indonesia. This means that there are less than 1,000 units remaining, and even then the unit in question is the model that received a purchase offer from Chery. Of course, consumers must immediately get their units before they run out, because after that there will be no more similar offers for this model.

Maybe Chery could present an offer like this in the future, if the opportunity arises. Even without discounts, sales will certainly remain quite stable for the next few months.

Rafie Satya Pradipta

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