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BYD will Release Its Newest D-Cab Pickup This Week – BYD is known for its electric cars in the global market, from hatchbacks, sedans, to SUVs. However, only focusing on this segment will make it difficult to dominate the car market as a whole. So BYD is preparing another new model, this time in the form of a double cabin or d-cab pickup. The model, named Shark, will be shown this week.

BYD Shark will be Launched in the Land of Bamboo Curtain

In fact, the appearance of this d-cab pickup had been detected several months earlier, with BYD carrying out road tests several times. Even though the model is covered by camouflage stickers, the design can be seen clearly. Including the shape of the fascia which looks very boxy, and this impression is also given to the car’s LED DRL lights.

Now BYD has confirmed the launch of this newest pickup at the Beijing Auto Show which will be held on April 25. This model will be named Shark, and from the name alone you can guess that this model will be included in the Ocean series. This line-up is known for giving sea animal names to its models, such as Seal, Dolphin, and Seagull.


New Opponent for Hilux Et al

After its release, Shark will not only be sold in its hometown, but also on the global market. Australia and South Africa will get the model first, with other countries following suit. The Shark could be the first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model in the double cabin pickup segment, because no model in its class has technology like this, at least for now.

In terms of model type, BYD can compete with the Toyota Hilux in the market, especially the latest generation Mitsubishi Triton which also has a boxy fascia design. Although both will get BEV variants starting next year, Shark will apply PHEV technology first.

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