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Limited Sale!! Vespa Releases GTV 140th Anniversary Edition of Piaggio – The Italian manufacturer, namely Piaggio, is 140 years old this year since it was founded in 1884. To celebrate its birthday, Vespa has just launched a special edition motorbike, the Vespa 140th of Piaggio, which uses a GTV base and is equipped with the most powerful engine and also the design is unique.

Most Powerful Engine with Unique Design

Because this anniversary edition is based on the GTV, the engine sector will remain the same with the fastest engine or HPE (High Performance Engine) from Vespa, namely 1 cylinder 300cc, 4 valves, injection, radiator cooled which is capable of producing power up to 23,8 HP (about 17,5 kW).

Vespa 140th of Piaggio

The classic design is still maintained today, with the main lights placed on the front fender but they are LED, so they are more modern. The Vespa 140th of Piaggio is colored in a combination of white and blue which depicts Piaggio’s colors. Based on the most dominant white color, and a slight touch of blue in several parts such as the decal that says “140” on the left and the word “Vespa” on the right, the color of the rims, seat and center of the front shield.

Don’t forget, there is a serial number plaque for each unit because this model is a limited edition which is attached above the front drawer and has the “140” logo. Still with full LED lighting, a full-digital instrument panel that can be connected to a smartphone via Vespa MIA, keyless smartkey feature, traction control system and ABS 2-Channel.

Vespa 140th of Piaggio Details

Limited to Only 140 Units

The Vespa 140th of Piaggio will only be produced in a very limited number of Piaggio years, namely only 140 units available. This model can only be ordered from 18-21 April 2024, which also coincides with the Vespa World Days 2024 rally. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not revealed the price until now. However, it is also impossible that the price of this birthday edition will be close to the standard GTV model which is priced at 6,750 poundsterling or the equivalent of IDR 135,4 million. My estimate is that it will be much more expensive.

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