Kamus Otomotif seputar roda dua….!!!

Berikut adalah istilah yang berhasil warungtua kumpulkan dari berbagai sumber :
ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System)
AIS (Air Induction System)Yamaha
CB(City Bike) Honda
CBR (City Bike Race(r))Honda
CC(Cubic Centimeters)
CBU(Completely Built Up)
CKD(Complete Knock-Down)
CR (Close ratio)dirtbike series of Honda
CRF(Close Ratio Fourstroke)dirtbike series of Honda
CRF/F ( close ratio fourstroke fun)dirtbike series of Honda
CRF/R ( close ratio fourstroke racer)dirtbike series of Honda
CRF/X ( competion racer fourstroke cross)dirtbike series of Honda
CW (Casting Wheel)
DOHC (Double Over Head Cam)
DOT(Department Of Transportation) USA standart sertification
DRZ ( dirt & road z turn)dirtbike series of Suzuki
DTC(Ducati Traction Control )
DTS-Fi (Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection)Bajaj pulsar
DTSi (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) Bajaj pulsar
Ducati monster 800 i.e(Ducati monster 800 Iniezione Elettronica)– Ducati
ECU (Engine Control Unit)
EFT (Efficient and Low Friction Technology) honda
EXC( enduro cross country)KTM dirt bike
GSX-R (Gran Sport Experimental Racer) Suzuki
GYTR ( Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing)
ISS(Idling STOP System)honda PCX
KDX (Kawasaki dirt crossover)dirtbike series of Kawasaki
KLX (Kawasaki little crossover)dirtbike series of Kawasaki
KX (Kawasaki cross)dirtbike series of Kawasaki
KXF (Kawasaki cross fourstroke)dirtbike series of Kawasaki
MX ( maximize) yamaha Jupiter series
OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
OHC (OverHead Cam )
OHV (OverHead Valve )
PCX(Personal Comfort Xaloon) honda
PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)Honda
PW (pee wee)Yamaha
R (race)sport
R1 ( race One)
RC212V(racing 4stroke-second works bike of the 21st century-V engine)honda
Revo DX( Revolution Deluxe) Honda
RM (racing machine)dirtbike series of Suzuki
RMZ ( racing machine z turn) dirtbike series of Suzuki
RR (Race Replica)
RTR(Racing Throttle Response) TVS apache
RVT(Racing V-twin)
S4RS (Street Four-valve Racing-engine Sport-model)street=strada –Ducati
SOHC (Single Over Head Cam)
SP (sport production/special edition)honda Blade repsol
ST (Sport-touring)
SV(sport V-twin engine)Suzuki
SW (Spoke Wheel)
SX( supercross)KTM dirt bike
SXF( supercross 4 stroke)KTM dirt bike
TTR ( tight trail racer)Yamaha
VF ( Vee-Four) Honda
VFR (Vee-Four Racing)Honda
VTR (V-twin racing)honda
WRF(Woods Racing Four-stroke) yamaha dirt bike
YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Control Intake)
YCCS ( Yamaha Chip-Controlled Shift)
YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Control Throttle)
YZ (Yamaha Zinger two stroke)
YZF(Yamaha Zinger Fourstroke) Zinger= racing series th 70-an
YZFR1(Yamaha Zinger Fourstroke Race editions 1000cc)
YZFR6(Yamaha Zinger Fourstroke Race editions 600cc)
YZR-M1 (Yamaha Zinger Race Mission One)

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