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Tesla Cybertruck will be Sent to Indonesia Starting Next Year – Tesla started deliveries of the Cybertruck in the United States last year, although it is also underway for global markets. However, not many countries have received units, including Indonesia, which also has a number of buyers of this pickup. Prestige Image Motorcars confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck will start shipping starting next year. Although it is not yet clear whether delivery will be disrupted by the recall.

Tesla Cybertruck Ready to Be Sent to Customers who Order

The pickup car market is still growing rapidly, and has now entered the electrification stage. Not wanting to be left behind by its competitors, especially Ford, which has released the F-150 Lightning, Tesla is presenting the Cybertruck. This model immediately became the spotlight when it was first shown to the public, clearly because it has a unique design and is very different from models in its class.

It’s just that if Ford can immediately sell its electric pickup, Tesla needs several years to prepare its production. Although currently they are still meeting demand in the United States, exports abroad have also been prepared. With this, Prestige Image Motorcars as the importer of Tesla cars in Indonesia ensures that the Cybertruck will be sent starting next year.


Various Problems Faced

However, it is clear that because Tesla has received quite a lot of Cybertruck orders, it will take a long time for them to fulfill all these orders. Prestige Image Motorcars estimates that the latest they can get their units will be around the second half of 2025. Of course, Tesla has to assemble the Cybertruck with right-hand drive, and Indonesia will be one of the first countries to get its units first.

However, it is not clear whether deliveries were disrupted by a number of problems faced by Tesla. Like the Cybertruck recall which occurred twice, first to deal with indicator lights that were too small and an aluminum gas pedal that had the potential to come off and get stuck when frequently used.

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