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Wuling Opens Cloud EV Orders in Indonesia – Wuling has displayed its third electric car in Indonesia, namely the Cloud EV. However, unlike the Air EV and Binguo, this model has not been sold until now, and the selling price has not been announced. However, Wuling is now opening orders for Cloud EV. The price tag is estimated to reach IDR 410 million.

Wuling Cloud EV is Still Not Sold in Indonesia

Cloud EV is the third model in the ‘ABC’ series presented by Wuling in Indonesia, as well as a complement to its electric car line-up. From the design to the specifications, it is certain that this model will be a car that is placed in a higher segment than the Air EV and Binguo. Although the selling price has not been determined at this time.

Wuling itself is still continuing to prepare for the production and sales of Cloud EV in Indonesia. But they just announced that orders for this car have opened, and consumers can be the first to get their units first. Deliveries will begin this month, with the model having been assembled some time beforehand.


Still Assembled Locally

Wuling ensures that Cloud EV contains 40 percent local components, so this model can receive electric car subsidies. Of course, this can provide a fairly affordable selling price, and from the news circulating, this model will be priced at IDR 410 million. This price is still quite affordable, even for a BEV car that is placed at the top of the Binguo segment.

As previously known, the Cloud EV is the third electric car sold by Wuling in Indonesia, as well as the fourth environmentally friendly car overall. Even though it has more features, the selling price is certainly still quite affordable for a locally assembled model like this.

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