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Neta Starts Production of Electric Cars in Indonesia – Finally, Neta can start assembling its electric cars in Indonesia after starting sales last year. Even though they have only sold one model, Neta V has received a good response from the market and thousands of units have been ordered. Now Neta is starting production of its first BEV model here, namely Neta V-II. Later, they will immediately fulfill all remaining requests, as well as fulfill orders from new customers.

Neta V-II Begins to be Assembled Locally in Indonesia

Maybe for a new brand like Neta, starting sales in Indonesia can be quite difficult, especially for electric cars. Because this market is already quite busy with many new models, especially from leading brands such as Wuling to Hyundai. It is clear that other new brands must be able to present high quality products and of course sell them at affordable prices.

That’s why Neta is presenting Neta V in Indonesia, with two other models to follow afterwards. At first they still brought in units from abroad, but that only lasted temporarily. Because Neta already has plans to assemble them here to reduce car imports from abroad, and meet the high demand.


Lots of demand in the market

Neta officially started production of the Neta V-II in Indonesia, with assembly handled by Handal Indonesia Motor. Interestingly, Handal also handles Chery car production, and coincidentally this brand also sells the Omoda E5 electric car. However, the two will not compete with each other, obviously because both the Neta V and Omoda E5 are different types of cars.

After successfully assembling the V model, Neta may have other plans to assemble other electric cars. Previously they had shown two other models, namely Neta U and S, respectively an SUV and sedan. It is likely that they will sell the SUV model first considering that the electric car market is mostly filled by this type of model.

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