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Subaru and the Presence of New Car Brands in Indonesia – Subaru car sales in Indonesia are still going well despite the decline in market conditions last April. So far they have only presented a number of SUV and sports car models, all of which have received good reception from their respective markets. However, Subaru still has to be wary of the arrival of several new brands in Indonesia. Especially brands from the Land of Bamboo Curtain which brought their electric cars here.

Subaru Now Gets More Rivals

In the last few months, Subaru has introduced several cars in Indonesia, most of them SUVs and sportscars. However, all the models received a good response from consumers, especially with models such as the Forester to the BRZ which sold in quite high numbers. In fact, sales have become the best result so far.

Subaru is not worried that they will have to compete again with brands like Toyota and Mitsubishi. The only thing that is of concern this time is the arrival of more new brands in Indonesia, especially from the Land of Bamboo Curtain. Most also sell environmentally friendly cars, both hybrid and electric, although BEV models are the most widely released.


Environmentally Friendly Cars

Meanwhile, Subaru still hasn’t sold any environmentally friendly cars in Indonesia, even though they have several models. Like the Solterra, although its twin, the Toyota bZ4X, was already on sale here, the Solterra was not released either. Subaru admits that it still wants to present a product that has quite high demand in its market.

Regarding the presence of a new brand in Indonesia, Subaru admitted that they were not too worried about it, in fact they welcomed the presence of this new competitor. Because with more and more brands selling cars here, more choices are offered to buyers. In addition, launching many environmentally friendly models can also speed up the electrification of cars.

Rafie Satya Pradipta

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