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Honda Must Forget This Season and Focus on the New MotoGP Rules for 2027 – Honda is advised to prioritize bike development during race weekends for the remainder of this season. How could it not be, the Japanese manufacturer is left behind on the MotoGP grid and is now being asked to focus on the new regulations in 2027, arguing that they will not be able to win until 2026.

Honda used to be the superior manufacturer in MotoGP, but was unable to get out of its poor form which resulted in the departure of Marc Marquez. They were in a big hole, a very deep hole. The way they started this season was way off the pace..

Honda Must Forget This Season and Focus on the New MotoGP Rules for 2027

In America, 4 Honda bikes are all behind. The bike being slow is one thing, being slow and crashing is another. This shows that the riders are still trying hard, still giving everything. Getting knocked out in last place almost sounds like a joke, but that’s where they are at the moment. But they did a lot and that’s what they have to do now.

Luca Marini

Honda must ‘forget’ this season. They might also try different things every weekend, but they have to speed things up. Honda got a concession so they have to do more tests, but they might also use the tires for the race weekend as a test. Since they didn’t finish anywhere in the championship, they are nowhere.

In Austin, it was a disaster, Luca Marini finished in last place in the sprint and main race, and 3 other riders were even eliminated from the sprint and Sunday race. What a disaster, a lot of work for them to do. How much time do they spend working on current regulations? Once the new regulations are out, is it better to work in 2027 and beyond? Even Marini was defeated by Alex Marquez who crashed then got back up! This has never happened before.

Joan Mir

Even fellow teams that are struggling, Yamaha, which only has two bikes on the grid, is able to outperform Honda at the moment.

The many crashes that occurred in last Saturday’s sprint race at Jerez allowed Joan Mir to finish P9, Takaaki Nakagami 10th and Johann Zarco 11th, while Marini was eliminated from the race. However, what was more disappointing was that Marini was again the last rider to finish the Spanish GP while Mir finished 12th.


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