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Suzuki Ready to Sell Its First Electric Car Next Year – Suzuki has presented a number of environmentally friendly cars on the global market. It’s just that none of them are electric cars yet, even though their competitors are already selling this type of car. So Suzuki will soon launch its newest BEV car, namely the eVX, starting next year. Although it is possible that several countries will get the model first.

Suzuki eVX will Soon be Sold in Global Markets

Regarding environmentally friendly cars, Suzuki already has several models on sale, including the mild hybrid car which has been its mainstay for so long. Indeed, the model is not an ordinary hybrid car, but at least this is enough to record quite good sales results. Models such as the Ertiga, XL7, and Grand Vitara have been his mainstay for so long.

However, because it still hasn’t sold a single electric car, Suzuki has decided to introduce the eVX starting next year. This model will be available as an electric SUV with a 60 kWh blade type battery from BYD, which has a range of 550 km when fully charged. The features it has are also quite complete, from ADAS, six airbags, to driving modes.

(Patrignani Auto)

Only in India?

eVX itself has been seen several times in a number of countries, especially in Poland several months after being shown in India. This model is certain to be sold and mass produced starting in early 2025, and it is likely that only India will get it. I don’t know if there are any plans from Suzuki to sell it in the global market after it is launched there.

So far, Indonesia has not been one of eVX’s future destinations. Moreover, Suzuki is still focused on selling its hybrid cars, which have been selling well in its market for the last few years. Maybe they will bring electric cars here, but not in the near future.

Rafie Satya Pradipta

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