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Pedro Acosta : the First Lap Was a Complete Disaster – Even though he only started from 10th position on the grid, Pedro Acosta was able to finish in 2nd place in a chaotic sprint (many riders crashed). This means that the rookie from the GasGas Tech 3 team won his third podium in MotoGP in a row. But Acosta was unable to repeat this success in the main race in front of his incredible fans. This was mainly due to his slow start and some ‘pressure’ on the first lap.

Acosta explained that the start of the Jerez race this time was really difficult. He also couldn’t start well. He didn’t have the perfect feeling with the clutch, which was the first time he felt it. That is why, after warming up Acosta had to change the bike. Then there was pressure in the first corner with several rivals. Overall, the first lap was a complete disaster.

Pedro Acosta : The first lap was a complete disaster

Pedro Acosta – GasGas – KTM

Pedro Acosta was only in 17th place after the first lap. The 19 year old rookie explained that the race actually went well. But unfortunately the feeling is not the same as his other bikes. They are the same, but the feeling is different. He was still able to gain a lot of ground, even though maneuvers like the one against Zarco took up a lot of time. But at some point Acosta stopped pressing. The gap with the front row was too big and he didn’t want to take a big risk. He decided to be satisfied with finishing 10th, and most importantly he could still score points.

Pedro Acosta also spoke about the horror crash on Sunday morning, where his GASGAS-KTM RC16 crashed into the air fence. According to him, the conditions in the morning were not easy and he had difficulty understanding where the track was, which was still wet and cold. “It was difficult and disappointing for him because he had to change to another bike for the race,” said teammate Augusto Fernandez (failed to finish at the Jerez GP).

When talking about the KTM riders’ overall performance, Acosta replied, “Honestly, there’s no point in dwelling on the small things. The fact that we weren’t as strong in America was not due to the behavior of the bike with a full tank or the choice of tires. All bikes from Pierer Mobility Group at Jerez not as strong as in Austin.

Acosta remains in 4th place in the standings. After finishing 2nd in the sprint, the Mazarron Shark finished 10th in the main race. Among the RC16 riders, Acosta remains the most successful rider among the 4 riders.

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