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Toyota will Produce Hilux BEV Next Year – Toyota has shown the Hilux Electric or BEV several months ago in Thailand. Even though it is presented as the first electrified model in its segment, this model is also prepared to face its new opponent from Isuzu, namely the D-Max Electric. Toyota itself will start production of the Hilux Electric starting next year. Even though in the same year Isuzu will also assemble its competing model.

Toyota will Present an Electric Pickup to Compete with Isuzu

Hilux remains one of Toyota‘s mainstays in the pickup car market, both single cabin and double cabin models. This model can still maintain its title as the best-selling d-cab pickup in the Southeast Asian market in recent years. Its good sales also make it one of the contributors to car sales so far.

With the increasingly intensive electrification of cars throughout the world, Toyota is interested in developing an electric version of the Hilux. Especially with Isuzu starting to develop the D-Max Electric, they don’t want to lose out and are preparing the Hilux Electric or BEV. This model was shown several months ago in Thailand, along with the launch of the Hilux Champ, or Hilux Rangga in Indonesia.


Compete with Each Other Starting Next Year

Toyota chose Thailand as the first country to get the Hilux Electric because of special incentives for electric cars. Moreover, this country is the center of pickup car production in the Southeast Asia region, making it easier for him to develop his newest model. Apart from that, Hilux sales have also been quite good in recent years, with thousands of units sold every month.

It seems that Toyota doesn’t want to lose out to Isuzu, which will also assemble electric pickups in Thailand starting next year. It’s as if they want to confront their main rival with the Hilux Electric, especially since both are in the same segment. Even though the prices have not been announced, it is likely that these two BEV models will be sold at a fairly small price difference.

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