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Chery will Present The Newest MPV via Exeed – Chery is known for the number of models it sells on the market. Although they also have other car brands, one of which is Jaecoo which sells a number of SUV models and this brand will be present in Indonesia this year. Meanwhile, Chery is preparing a new model for another brand, namely Exeed. Later Exeed will get the E08 model displayed at automotive shows.

Chery Prepares New Car to Be Shown at Automotive Exhibition

The name Exeed may still sound quite foreign to some people, even though this brand is still related to Chery. Like Jaecoo, Exeed is sold as a separate brand from Chery, and they have their own products. However, they still present products for each brand, such as the E08 concept model which will be introduced later.

From the design alone, you can guess that the Exeed E08 will be presented as a premium class MPV car. Even though it is still a concept, the model looks like a mass production model. As an electric car, the E08 has a minimalist design but looks elegant and modern, even if the interior is not shown, there is a strong possibility that its luxurious impression will be increasingly visible in this section.

(Tycho de Feijter/X)

Electric MPV

For the model itself, the E08 will use a special platform for the E0X premium electric car from Chery. Indeed, the model that will be shown is still a concept, but the design alone is quite promising once it goes on sale. Because it is a luxury car, you can be sure that its features will be quite complete, but sold at an affordable price.

Because according to existing news, the E08 will be sold for IDR 560 million, and the model will be delivered before 2025. Because it is a luxury MPV car, the E08 will be a worthy opponent for the MG Maxus 9.

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