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Fabio Di Giannantonio: I Didn’t Experience Any Vibration Problems at Jerez – Fabio Di Giannantonio finished in 7th place at the Spanish GP in Jerez. This means that the VR46 rider finished in the top 10 4 times in a row. Diggia’s performance in training also attracted attention. He even managed to beat world champion Pecco Bagnaia, where he was in 5th place. In fact, it is very likely that he can achieve better results in this 25 lap race, rather than just 7th place. However, the initial phase did not go according to plan.

Di Giannantonio explained, “It was quite a mess. I lost 5 positions in the first two laps and that cost me a better position. I was only 4 seconds behind in the first three laps. When I look at the fact that I was 10 seconds behind Pecco at the time finished, there are many more possibilities that could happen.”

Fabio Di Giannantonio: I didn’t experience any vibration problems at Jerez

Fabio Di Giannantonio added that he noticed this straight away on track because the longer the race went on, the closer he got to catching up. Even the Italian rider was faster than Alex Marquez, but in the end he missed several laps.

Diggia saw great progress, especially compared to his performance at Jerez a year ago. In the 2023 season, Fabio will struggle to reach 15th position with greater risks. There were still some problems at that time. Now he was very close to the top. There are only a few details left and he is confident his team will be able to control it as , said the 26 year old rider.

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Diggia explained the extraordinary advantages of the Ducati Desmosedici GP23 he was riding, especially at Jerez. “It’s amazing how well this bike works. Its superiority was clear at Jerez. There were a number of places where we had to pick up speed when entering corners after braking hard. Turns 1, 6 and 13 seemed tailor-made for this bike. The bike was very stable when turning and also there is a lot of grip on the rear wheel. I can explain the superiority of our bike at the moment,” explained FG#49.

The vibration problem that many riders exhibit during races has no effect on the Diggia. “Vibrations? Of course I know what they are and we’ve dealt with them this year, especially in America. But to be honest, they weren’t a problem at all for me in Jerez. I’m very happy!” said the Pertamina Enduro VR46 rider.

Diggia, who consistently manages to collect points, is currently in 10th place just behind his teammate Marco Bezzecchi (9th place) in the standings with 34 points.


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