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Chery Confirms That They will Assemble HEV and PHEV Cars in Indonesia – Chery may have only been selling for more than a year after returning to Indonesia. But this time they offer more new models compared to a few years ago, even though all the models are still SUVs. However, Chery was able to produce its first environmentally friendly car in Indonesia, namely the Omoda E5. In the future, they will try to assemble other types of models.

Chery Has Produced Its Electric Cars Locally

Chery car sales in the last few months are still going well, in fact the results are better than before. This is proven by the sales results during the first quarter of this year which increased by more than 100 percent from last year in the same period. Of course, this is quite a significant achievement, especially after they returned to Indonesia.

Even though they have only just sold thousands of cars, their sales performance is already better than before. Moreover, Chery has started car production, especially the Omoda E5 electric car which is its new flagship in the market. With more than 3,000 units ordered, they continue to strive to meet all the demand.


Accelerate Electrification

Meanwhile, Chery wants to expand the electrification of its cars in Indonesia, and doesn’t want to just sell one environmentally friendly car. They claim to be interested in selling hybrid cars or HEVs and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), considering that the market is also growing rapidly here. This includes assembling it locally like the Omoda E5.

Chery’s target is to assemble this hybrid model starting in early 2025, but they did not mention what model they will sell later. If you look at the product line-up so far, the Tiggo 7 and 8 Pro actually have a hybrid variant. Especially with the Tiggo 9 which was shown in his hometown some time ago.

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