Motor trail produksi Toyota …mosokkk…???

Kalau kita dengar nama TOYOTA pasti yang kita bayangkan adalah: mobil,roda 4,kijang dan yang berhubungan dengan kendaraan besar lah nah kali ini adalah sebuah motor konsep dari pabrikan otomotif toyota ..mosokkk

nih spesifikasinya ;

  • Specially lightened and polished frame
  • Carbon fiber body panels
  • Custom fuel tank
  • A fan driven forced air induction into a specially constructed intake system with fuel injection
  • The intake and exhaust have been reversed on the cylinder for optimal weight balance
  • The rear shock absorber has a specially tilted reservoir to keep it away from the hear displaced by the exhaust pipe
  • Unique air start system utilizing the frame as the air tank
  • A light weight special aluminum extrusion cooling system takes the place of conventional radiators
  • On board data acquisition system able to measure in real time functions such as suspension travel, engine temperature, speed, etc.
  • Specially made brake rotors with the Toyota logos cut into them
  • A specially made swingarm with the Toyota logo machined into it
  • A light weight carbon fiber muffler
  • Special light weight wheels
  • Extensive use of titanium and exotic metals


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