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Citroen Ready to Launch C3 Aircross in Indonesia – Citroen has presented a number of superior SUV cars in Indonesia, from the e-C3, e-C4, to the C5 Aircross. However, just selling three models is still not enough, especially with the increasingly large SUV market here. So Citroen is preparing another new SUV model to be released in Indonesia, namely the C3 Aircross. This model will go on sale today.

Citroen will Present Another New Car

Hearing the name C3, in Indonesia only one variant of Citroen is available, namely the e-C3 which is an electric variant. Even though it is a BEV car and imported directly from abroad, this model is sold at an affordable price of under IDR 400 million. Indeed, they not only sell this model, but also the e-C4 and C5 Aircross.

Actually, Citroen still has another variant of the C3, namely the C3 Aircross, and this model has been shown at the GIIAS 2023 automotive exhibition. It’s just that at that time they couldn’t sell it yet, and the car will only be launched today. Even though abroad the C3 is classified as a hatchback car, the C3 Aircross is an SUV model, or you could say it is a sportier variant of the C3.


SUV Line-Up

When compared to the C3, the Aircross variant has a sportier fascia design, and the model that will be sold is the second generation model. When compared with the old model, there is a clear difference in the car’s grille, where the main lights under the LED DRL are made larger. Like the e-C3 model, this model is a 5-seater SUV.

The C3 Aircross is equipped with a number of features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, double blower AC, and a 10 inch headunit. Because it is not an environmentally friendly version, this model uses a 1,200 cc petrol engine with 108 hp and 250 Nm of torque. The official price will be announced after it is released, but if the e-C3 can be sold quite affordably, Citroen can also do the same with this Aircross variant.

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